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At our local Ford Service Department in Lakewood, WA, we have a team of qualified service technicians standing by to provide exceptional service in a timely manner. Our experts specialize in a range of auto repairs, including servicing your axle, CV joint, driveshaft, and differential.

Expert Axle, CV Joint, Driveshaft & Differential Repair Services

From routine maintenance to critical repairs, no job is too big or too small for our team. With expertise and precision, our technicians will efficiently identify and handle any issue related to your vehicle’s axle, CV joint, driveshaft, or differential. Trust our team to restore your Ford vehicle to its optimum condition.

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Certified Ford Repair Services

Axle Services

The axle is a crucial component of your vehicle’s drivetrain. It bears the vehicle’s weight, cargo, and passengers, transfers engine power to propel the vehicle forward, and assists in braking. Problems with the axle can affect the vehicle’s handling and safety. Axle services typically include inspection for wear and damage, repair or replacement of faulty components, and lubrication of moving parts.

CV Joint Services

CV (Constant Velocity) joints are a part of the drivetrain that allows the wheels to be driven by the engine while accommodating the up-and-down bouncing of the suspension and the steering of the front wheels. They must be well-lubricated and dirt and debris-free to function effectively. CV joint services include inspecting the boots that protect the joints from dirt, replacing the boots if necessary, and repacking the joints with grease.

Driveshaft Services

The driveshaft is a mechanical component that transfers the torque (rotational power) generated by the vehicle’s engine to its wheels. It must be balanced and aligned correctly to prevent vibrations and premature wear of associated parts. Driveshaft services involve inspecting the driveshaft for damage, balancing it, and replacing it if it’s excessively worn or damaged.

Differential Repair Services

The differential is a device that splits torque between the vehicle’s wheels. It allows the wheels to rotate at different speeds, which is essential when turning. A problem with the differential can result in issues with handling and can cause damage to other drivetrain components. Differential services typically include changing the differential fluid, inspecting the gears and bearings for wear, and rebuilding or replacing the differential if needed.

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Our Ford Service Department is conveniently located in Lakewood, WA. We are committed to providing our community with reliable, professional auto repair services.

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